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Label, thermal band, ribbon

A label a universal way of marking goods and a convenient way of applying service, information and advertising data to a product or packaging.

It is the appearance or packaging of the product that attracts the buyer's attention in the first minutes of acquaintance with the products. Packaging should be as attractive as possible, and the labels are thought out and executed in the most careful way - they must be original, stylish, and effective.

Original design and high-quality label allow you to distinguish products among similar products on the market, which certainly serves as an impulse to purchase a product that attracts the eye. Currently, the level of printing, thanks to imported equipment, is very high, and the labels and labels produced are colorful and diverse.

The durability and quality of printing labels and labels determines the use of paints on alcohol and water, as well as ultraviolet paints.

Today, the market presents many different types of labels.

Self-stick labels
this is a special promotional product, always attracting the buyer's attention with an original look and skillful design.

are warranty or protective labels, which are a special type of seal that allows you to control unauthorized access to the protected product.

Thermal labels
are a type of self-adhesive paper. The printing tape of labels, thanks to a special structure, is thus the only consumable material.

Thermal transfer color ribbon is an expendable material for thermal transfer printers, where, under the effect of a thermal head, the ink is transferred from the ink ribbon to the material.

When ordering a ribbon it is necessary to specify several parameters:

  • color layer type
  • type of winding ribbon on the bushing
  • belt width and winding length
  • material and inner diameter of the bushing
  • thermal head type used in the printer
Depending on the composition of the ink layer, the coloring tapes are divided into three types:

  • tape based on wax (WAX)
  • tape based on wax and synthetic resins (WAX-RESIN)
  • tape based on resins (RESIN)
Depending on the type of winding, thermal transfer ribbons can be wound up:

  • «in» (coloring side inward)
  • «out» (coloring side outward)
The type of winding is determined by the model of the label printer used. For example, all Zebra printers use an external winding type («out»). Standard winding type for DOMINO printers - internal («in»).

Modern thermal transfer printers distinguish two types of thermal heads: Flat Head and Near Edge. For different types of thermal heads (Near Edge or Flat Head), different types of ink ribbons are used - ribbon for thermal transfer printing for corner heads and ribbon for thermal transfer printing for flat heads.

Depending on the specific brand and model of the printer for which the tape is purchased, its length can be from 150 to 1500 m. The width of the ribbon can be from 20 to 220 mm.

The general requirement for choosing a ribbon width is that the ribbon should be 3-5 mm wider than the width of the print head for this printer model. In this case, the maximum protection of the printhead from friction against the product is ensured and, therefore, premature wear is prevented.

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