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CAB label applicators

CAB label applicators

CAB since more than 40 years develops and manufactures solutions for product marking and a large amount of accessories for any demand. The product range includes label printers, print and apply systems, label dispensers and marking laser systems.

In addition, CAB provides labels and thermal transfer ribbons for the perfect imprint. Components as well as means of laboratory, testing and production are still offered.

Applicator S1000 - Real-time labeling

S1000 applicator in combination with SQUIX series label printers is a cost-effective solution for all dispensing printers in semi-automatic operation or when vertically integrated in a production line. As in the SQUIX line, printheads are easily replaceable (they allow printing with a resolution of 200, 300 or 600 dpi). The label is placed on the product with a stroke cylinder.

The transfer of the label to the product can occur via three methods:

  • Stamp on - the label is applied to the resting product by the stamp on pad
  • Blow on - the blow on pad is moved into a predefined position of max 10mm from the product. The label is blown onto the moving or stationary product
  • Roll on - the label is moved from the printer along the pad to the roller. In the labeling position the label is pulled from the pad and rolled onto the moving product

 Applicator S1000-220 S1000-300 S1000-400
 Cylinder stroke mm 220 300 400
 Tamp stroke below device mm 64 144 244
 Compressed air bar 4,5

1. Long service life: The ball-bearing guides are low-wearing.
2. Flexible product heights: With the stroke cylinder labeling is possible at different heights. Different stroke lengths are available.
3. Compressed air regulation unit: Micro filters prevent from contamination. The compressed air regulator ensures a permanent high quality of labeling.
4. High process reliability: Supporting air jet stream, induction air and stroke speed are adjustable. For sensitive products and packaging the pressing force can be reduced to less than 10N (1kg). To avoid contamination, the vacuum holes are cleaned with air pressure after each labeling process.
5. Label sizes: Labels widths from 25 to 176 mm and heights from 25 to 200 mm can be processed.
6. Supporting air: Used for blowing the labels onto the pad.

To test the labeling process. Pushing the button causes the label to be printed and held by the pad. Pushing the button again starts the labeling process.

Applicator S3200 - Real-time labeling

The applicator S3200 combined with a SQUIX is a cost-effective solution for all dispensing printers in semi-automatic operation or when vertically integrated in a production line. With the S3200 printed labels are automatically applied on a product. By means of a rotary cylinder the label is positioned 45° to 90° to the horizontal and placed on the product with a short stroke cylinder.

Information on service life, pre-dispensing, compressed air regulation unit, process reliability and supporting air correspond with the applicator S1000.

 Applicator S3200
 Rotary cylinder 45° - 90°
 Stroke cylinder up to mm 30
 Immersion depth pad F up to mm 5
 Compressed air bar 4,5
 Cycle time approx.(*) 20 labels/min

(*) calculated with label height 40 mm, print speed 100 mm/s

Tamp pads or blow pads are manufactured according to the label size.

Tamp pad
A3200-1100 M3200-1100
 Material guide Left aligned Centered
 Tamp surface W x H min. mm 72 x 60
 Label width mm 20 - 116
 Label height mm 5 - 80
 Product surface Flat
 Product during labeling Not moving

Blow pad
A3200-1100 M3200-1100
 Material guide Left aligned Centered
 Tamp surface W x H min. mm 72 x 60
 Label width mm 20 - 116
 Label height mm 10 - 80
 Product surface Flat
 Product during labeling Not moving or in motion

Dispensing module S5104

For labeling on packaging on a conveyor belt. The product sensor identifies the labeling position. Dispensing is started and at the same time the next label is printed. Conveyor belt speed and print speed have to be synchronized. A reflective sensor monitors the positioning.

 Demand module S5104 S5106
 To be used with SQUIX 4.3, SQUIX 4 SQUIX 6.3
 Material guide Left-aligned
 Label width mm 25 - 116 50 - 176
 Label height mm 25 - 210
 Distance from print line
 to peel-off plate mm
336 - 518
 Product surface Flat
 Product height Fixed
 Product during labeling In motion, speed synchronized with the printer
 Cycle time approx.(*) 60 labels/min

INTREX label applicators

INTREX label applicators

For more than 10 years company INTREX (Poland) has been a manufacturer and supplier of labeling machines and offers a wide range of innovative labeling solutions.

Main characteristics

  • modern and simple design
  • ease of use
  • proven reliability

Applicators INTREX can be made in two versions: left-sided and right-handed, with different working widths of the reel (90, 160 and 220 mm). They can function as a stand-alone unit or combined with another labeling machine. INTREX includes one output "start-stop" relay clamp.

Products of various shapes

Depending on the type of product and its volume, we offer a wide range of simple to automatic linear systems with minimal operator intervention. The proposal of the best technical solutions depends on the form and type of products, as well as on the type of label, its dimensions and position on the product. In most cases, trivalent or belt systems are used.

High reliability

Applicators INTREX - the ideal solution for labeling. They are compact, do not require much space in production, are easy to maintain. The equipment can be adjusted to any speed (maximum up to 55 m/min) with a high level of accuracy of +/- 0,5 mm.

Easy tincture

INTREX applicators were developed, first of all, for labeling at low and medium conveyor speeds. All the operating functions of the applicator are simple and do not require much time in application. Depending on the production target, the gluing speed can be adjusted manually or automatically by means of an encoder (synchronizer).

The operator panel offers simple settings for the following parameters: the position of the label relative to the distributor (the board that separates the label from the substrate), the position of the label according to the product, sticking the label on the front, switching off the label sensor (for certain distances) and storing the data in one of the 16 Modes.

The panel includes membrane buttons and an LCD screen with a simple menu. At any time you can start and stop the work, saving all the parameters in parallel.


  • fixed distributor
  • fixed distributor pin (optional)
Sensor stickers

  • optical, adjustable
  • mechanical (optional)
  • acoustic (optional)

PRIMERA label applicators

PRIMERA label applicators

Primera’s AP-Series Label Applicators are the perfect semi-automatic labeling solution for cylindrical containers as well as many tapered containers, including bottles, cans, jars and tubes.

Set-up and operation is fast and easy. Just:

  • set the guides;
  • place your container in the machine;
  • press the footswitch and your label is applied.
The built-in spring-loaded pressure arm makes sure labels are applied firmly and without wrinkles.

With an AP-Series Label Applicator you’ll apply labels faster and more accurately – helping to speed up your production and sell more of your products!

Apply Labels Fast and Accurately

With an AP-Series Label Applicator you’ll be able to apply labels at speeds of up to 1200 per hour. Labels are perfectly applied without wrinkles, giving your finished products a highly professional look.

AP-Series Label Applicators are an ideal accessory to Primera’s LX- or CX-Series label printers. The applicators can also apply roll-fed, pressure-sensitive labels produced by most other flexographic, offset and digital presses.

AP360 is the base model. It quickly and efficiently applies single labels at a time.

AP362 is an advanced model. It can apply one or two different labels to a single container. A built-in LED counter and memory for up to nine front-to-back label offsets is also included.

Features - quick set-up and easy operation:

  • Accurately applies labels to the front (AP360) or front and back (AP362) with variable spacing;
  • Fast – labels are applied at 5.3” (135 mm) per second – up to 1200 containers per hour;
  • Compact size – fits on most desks and countertops;
  • Professionally designed – one of the only semi-automatic label applicators available with UL, CSA and FCC safety and emissions certifications;
  • Industrial strength – built with heavy-duty sheet metal and steel for long life.

AP550 is a semi-automatic label applicator that makes it fast and easy to precisely apply product and identification labels onto a wide range of flat surfaces such as rectangular or tapered bottles, boxes, packages, bags, pouches, lids, tins and much more. Labels are applied straight without wrinkles or folds in exactly the location desired. This gives finished products a highly professional look and significantly increases the number of containers that can be labeled per hour versus manually applying labels.

Operation is simple: place the container in the mechanism and pull the arm to the container and the label is automatically applied. Variable spacing, memory for up to nine jobs, and a counter with built-in LED display are all included. No air-pressure supply is required which can be a significant advantage over other label applicators that require expensive, noisy and maintenance-prone air compressors.

With an AP550 Flat-Surface Label Applicator you'll be able to apply labels at speeds of up to 500 per hour. Labels are perfectly applied without wrinkles, giving your finished products a highly-professional appearance.

AP550 is the perfect accessory for labels produced by Primera's popular LX-Series color label printers and digital label presses. Together, they provide a complete print-and-apply solution that's ideal for a wide range of small to medium-sized businesses. Roll printed labels by other methods such as flexographic, offset and thermal transfer can also be applied with the applicator.


  • Easy to use

  • Full range of motion

  • Left or right justification of labels is not necessary

  • Operator can adjust to the most convenient position

  • High-precision, reliable micro-switch activation

  • Nothing to clean or get dirty

  • Works with virtually any label including clear labels

  • LED display with built-in up/down counter

  • Universal Power Supply

For correct selection of the applicator please consult the specialists of the In-Mash Company.

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