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INTREX label applicators

For more than 10 years company INTREX (Poland) has been a manufacturer and supplier of labeling machines and offers a wide range of innovative labeling solutions.

Main characteristics

  • modern and simple design
  • ease of use
  • proven reliability

Applicators INTREX can be made in two versions: left-sided and right-handed, with different working widths of the reel (90, 160 and 220 mm). They can function as a stand-alone unit or combined with another labeling machine. INTREX includes one output "start-stop" relay clamp.

Products of various shapes

Depending on the type of product and its volume, we offer a wide range of simple to automatic linear systems with minimal operator intervention. The proposal of the best technical solutions depends on the form and type of products, as well as on the type of label, its dimensions and position on the product. In most cases, trivalent or belt systems are used.

High reliability

Applicators INTREX - the ideal solution for labeling. They are compact, do not require much space in production, are easy to maintain. The equipment can be adjusted to any speed (maximum up to 55 m/min) with a high level of accuracy of +/- 0,5 mm.

Easy tincture

INTREX applicators were developed, first of all, for labeling at low and medium conveyor speeds. All the operating functions of the applicator are simple and do not require much time in application. Depending on the production target, the gluing speed can be adjusted manually or automatically by means of an encoder (synchronizer).

The operator panel offers simple settings for the following parameters: the position of the label relative to the distributor (the board that separates the label from the substrate), the position of the label according to the product, sticking the label on the front, switching off the label sensor (for certain distances) and storing the data in one of the 16 Modes.

The panel includes membrane buttons and an LCD screen with a simple menu. At any time you can start and stop the work, saving all the parameters in parallel.


  • fixed distributor
  • fixed distributor pin (optional)
Sensor stickers

  • optical, adjustable
  • mechanical (optional)
  • acoustic (optional)

For correct selection of the applicator please consult the specialists of the In-Mash Company.

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