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Laser Marking Machine MeenJet

Innovative design handheld laser marking machine.

  ● Total New User Interface, more convenient and faster.

  ● With Adjustable laser intensity, support for grayscale printing.

  ● Support Import files through USB Disk.

  ● Removable super large capacity battery.


Built-In Embedded System, could edit the file on machine without connecting to a computer.


The Whole Machine weight is light, which is portable to carry and easy to operation.

Visual Operation

The New 5-inch High-definition Capactive touch screen with friendly interface. Could Operate Editing and Marking Easily.

Easy Operation

No need to adjust the focal length.
Could finish editing and printing in one Step.

Worry Free

There is scale mark and red ray mark at marking area.


  ● Operation System: Linux

  ● CPU: Cortex-A9 quad core

  ● Marking Area: 50х50 mm

  ● Marking Distance: Best marking quality at 50 mm

  ● Material of Machine: PC+ABS+Acrylic

  ● Battery: 8550 mAh Lithium battery

  ● Interface: USB

  ● Machine Dimension: 208.75x163.25x85.6 mm

  ● Weight: 2.5 kg

  ● Adapter: AC Input 100 - 240 V, DC Output 8.4 V

  ● Language Support: English, Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese, etc.

  ● Marking Material: boards, carton, building material, pipe, metal, plastic

  ● Marking Content: text, number, date, time, symbol, QR code, Bar code, DM code, logo and counter

For the correct selection of a handheld laser marking machine, refer to the specialists of the In-Mash company.

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