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Inkjet Printer MeenJet M3S

Handheld inkjet printers are a budget solution for product labeling or packaging with great potential.
The model MeenJet M3S Plus with a color Touch screen is distinguished by the non-erasable quality of applying messages to a marked surface of almost any type.

A print resolution of up to 600 dpi will provide high-quality marking messages, and cartridges of different colors with acetone-based inks and excellent adhesion make it possible to apply marking marks that are very resistant to damage.

The MeenJet M3S Plus handheld inkjet coding machine is made in Taiwan and is a unique solution for semi-automatic application of variable information on a product or package. The device uses Hewlett-Packard inkjet printing technology and can apply information to metal, wood, paper, cardboard, pipes, plastic wrap, plastic.

Information deposited using this marker may contain alphanumeric information, logos, dates, time, bar codes, QR codes.

Also, the user is given the opportunity to choose the color of marking. Available ink color for marking messages: black, white, red, blue, yellow, green, invisible (fluorescent). Consumable ink cartridges of different colors are always in stock at the In-Mash company.

The M3S Plus handheld inkjet printer can be used as a separate portable printer, or as a device that can be mounted on a tripod (optional) and integrated into a production line or conveyor.


  ● mobility

  ● flexibility

  ● compactness

  ● print resolution up to 600 dpi

  ● USB interface support

  ● high quality performance

  ● operational reliability

  ● easy maintenance

For the correct selection of a handheld inkjet coding machine, refer to the specialists of the In-Mash company.

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